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TV Cable Adjustment



The cable with the two yellow lines pointing to it is the TV (throttlevalve) cable that controls shift firmness, part throttle shift points, etc.  It is extremely important that this cable be adjusted properly or the tranny clutches may be burned up rapidly due to lack of pressure which allows them to slip.


To adjust:

1. With the engine NOT running, depress the D Button (it may be hot and/or difficult to press so I use a screwdriver or a key, etc) and grab the cable behind the ridges.  Pull it back toward the firewall.  Then let the D Button go back to its normal position.

2.  Get in the car, make sure the floor mat is not obstructing the accelerator pedal and firmly press the pedal to the floor just as you would going full throttle.  This should give you the factory setting for the TV cable.

See the ridges in the picture?  Counting the exposed ridges will give you a reference point as to the adjustment.  With age, sometimes the cable has stretched a bit and we may find the car shifts better by depressing the D Button and pulling the the cable back a notch for better shifts.  This may vary from from car to car so don't get the idea that the four ridges shown on this car is the required adjustment for your car.  It should be somewhere in the ball park, however.