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Trouble Codes


Click on Trouble Code for detailed troubleshooting tree and diagnostic tips

            After making a change to repair the problem, disconnect the orange wire by the battery to clear the code(s) from memory and reconnect.  Then recheck for any codes.


12        Normal Diagnosis function.  Not a trouble code.

13        Open Oxygen Sensor Circuit

14        Coolant Sensor.  Temperature reading high

15        Coolant Sensor.  Temperature reading low

21        TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) High Signal Voltage

22        TPS Low Signal Voltage

23        MAT (Manifold Air Temperature) Low Temperature Indicated

24        VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) Circuit Fault

25      MAT High Temperature Indicate

31        Wastegate Solenoid Circuit Fault

32        EGR System Fault

33        MAF (Mass Air Flow) Sensor.  High Flow Indicated

34        MAF Sensor.  Low Flow Indicated

41        Cam Sensor Circuit Failure

42        C3I EST or Bypass Circuit Failure

43        Electronic Spark Control System Failure

44        Lean Exhaust Indicated

45        Rich Exhaust Indicated

51        Prom Error

52        Calpak Error

55        ECM Error