How To's 


Translator Set Up 

The Translator designed and produced by Bob Bailey  has to be one of the most important products ever produced for turbo Buicks as it allows the original factory maf sensor to be replaced with a modern, robust GM maf that is not subject to frequent failure.  If one attempts to replace the original maf with a parts store replacement, one is very likely to receive a sensor that is not calibrated correctly for our cars and it may not even be physically the right unit.  If it does work, it probably won't last long.  Save yourself some headaches and get a Translator!


The Mode Switch (dip switches) are used to match the Translator to the particular chip you are using.  Note that the Extender and Extender Supreme chips require different settings from the TurboTweak and similar chips commonly used.

The Base rotary switch is used to match the Translator to particular maf sensor being used.  It particulary affects the idle.  I normally suggest using the number which corresponds to the standard idle (meaning neither richer or leaner)  If the idle and cruise blms are close to 128, I leave the switch alone as the ECM will finish off the job of idealizing the A/F. 


I normally leave the MAF WOT at Zero.  Modern chips are normally very close to the required fuel curve during acceleration and this setting does not have much effect with current day chips.