Basics What various sensors, etc. do and how to adjust them if required

Scan Tool Usage  What your scantool is telling you

BLM's  What they are and what they mean. Originally written by TurboDave Huinker  RIP Dave 9/20/2017

Fix the Basics!!  Before you start buying "Go Faster" Parts



'86/'87 Trouble Shooting  Trouble Shooting techniques, wiring diagrams, Trouble codes, etc  If your car does not start, or does not run properly, find help here.

'84/'85 Trouble Shooting A little material that people have given me over the years



How To's      These may come in useful when you need to do something to the car    



Alcohol Injection  Better than sliced bread when done right


Tuning  It's easier than you think but don't get stupid!


Combination Examples  Drivetrain combination     It's not magic but things have to work together


 Specifications                    Miscellaneous



    Turbobuick 101 Videos    These are a series of videos created by Brad (Scoobum or Scooby Doo) demonstrating how to perform a series of mods or maintenance items on a turbo Buick and are aimed at the newcomer to the cars.