Bob Dick's Intercooler Comparison from the Source

This is an interesting article as it details what it takes to properly test intercoolers.  Note that the car used was a relatively slow car and the results may vary if these same intercoolers were used on a 9.0 sec car.  On the other hand, the flow coefficients, etc. are certainly representative of the numbers that most would use to qualify a 10 second car, or slower.  I believe that some of the temperature columns are reversed on the stock location units on the next to last page, but, that should be apparent to those that look at them. (Table 4--Stock IC and the Duttweiller Neck IC)

This article uses intercoolers that are at least three years old.  Please be aware that there are a number of units available today that use bigger cores that will most likely improve performance on an eight second car beyond what the ones tested by Bob Dick will provide.  Be sure you are comparing apples to apples when listening to intercooler hype and understand that what works on an eight second car may not do anything for your ten-eleven second car performance wise, but, it may make the drivability worse.

Again, note this is a very old test with a small turbo at pretty low boost.  It does not really address intercooler design (theory) all that much.  If you are building a modern race car, there is not much in this article that applies to you other than to provide some things that should be considered.  Most of the current IC's seem to have evolved on the bigger is better belief but there may be more things to be considered than pure size.