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Engine Description Manual


These drawings/notes are from the BOC Engine Description Manual as scanned by Ed Baker.  He has a copy of a copy of the manual and his copies are not very clear-especially when it comes to the text.  At one time, one could buy Description/Assembly Manuals that GM prepared for the factory to use as a  guideline for engine and car assembly.  I have them for Camaros, but, I have never seen one for our cars before.  If one takes the time, I think most of the text will be decipherable.  Hopefully, these will provide assistance with many of the questions that arise.  This is not an engine assembly manual, but, rather, a depiction of how components are fitted together with some assembly notes.

I am going to try to group pages of a common nature on single pages as denoted in the below links.

6B-2 thru 6B-4    Composite and exploded reference views of the engine

6B-5 thru 6B-6    Introduction and comments on torque procedures

6B-7 thru 6B-8    Timing Chain and gears

6B-9 thru 6B-10    Oil Pickup to block and Oil Filter/cooler adapter to front cover

6B-11 thru 6B-12    Water pump to Front Cover and Front Cover to engine block

6B-13  thru 6B-14     Oil Pan to Block and Balancer/Flywheel to Block

6B-15 thru 6B-17     Intake/Plenum     

6B-18 thru 6B-20    Cylinder Head to Block, Valve Cover to Head, Engine Lift point

6B-21                     Water Outlet/thermostat/heater outlet          

6B-22 thru 6B-23    Engine paint and Engine Identification Labels   

6B-24                    Intake Sensor Locations

6B-25 thru 6B-27    Exhaust Manifolds, O2 Sensor, Crossover

6B-28 thru 6B-30    Injector Harness/Fuel Rail/Fuel Line routing

6B-31 thru 6B-34    Cam and Crank Sensors/Ignition Module & Coil/Plug wire routing

6B-35 thru 6B-39    Turbo mounting assembly/Turbo Mounting Bracket/Turbo Inlet Bell

6B-40                     Heater Piping

6B-41 thru 6B-42    Turbo Oil Feed and Return

6B-43                      EGR Valve

6B-44 thru 6B45       Throttlebody/Throttlebody heating/Thermostat bypass 

6B-46                       Crankcase vent to Inlet Bell

6B-47                        EGR and EGR vacuum control solenoid     

6B-48 thru 6B-49       Wastegate solenoid and wastegate hoses

6B-50 thru 6B-51        PCV and vacuum hoses/check valves

6B-52                        Starter and Heat Shield