I began this site in 2003 to help those turbo Buick owners that want to learn how to both maintain and tune their cars.  Much of the content comes from not only my own experience as an owner since 1986, but also from the shop manual and online forums like GNTTYPE.ORG which began as a mailing list long ago.

Most of the information contained here is for intercooled cars.  Having never owned one of the earlier cars, I know very little about them, but what little information I have collected on the '84/'85's is presented in it's own section.  I wish I could be more helpful with them, but, I just don't have any experience with them.

If one wants to fully enjoy ownership of one of these cars, it is a necessity to gain an understanding as to how things work.  Otherwise it can be a painful and expensive undertaking.

Questions, suggestions, corrections?  Contact me here, Steve W.  Scan tool data should help narrow the problems down and take some of the guessing out of the problem.


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